Key West itinerary

We're back in Key West for 10 days of fun and I thought it would be good to show you our itinerary as it happens. So here's what we got up to here in Key West.

Day 1 - Travel day - Wednesday 27 October 2016

10.40 plane from Heathrow. Picked up the rental in MIA and hit the road at just before 5pm. Heavy traffic through Miami but ok once we got onto Highway 1 at about 6pm. Good traffic through the 128 mile drive through the Keys, sunset at 6.30 and arrive at guest house at 8.45 - so good run of almost 4 hours. Took 10 mis to a find a non resident parking space.

In Virgilio's, with Chocolate Raspberry Bomb in hand, at 8.35.

Dinner at Virgilio's, our server was Catherine, a fellow brit. Most of the old guys still at Viriglios which is great, except Erin has moved on.

Day 2 - Thursday

Overcast and light rain on getting up. Drove car to Publix to get booze for tomorrow then dropped it off at rental office and walked back into Old Town. Lunch inside at Hard Rock which was a great decision as within 10 mins of sitting down, torrential tropical rain for 15 minutes.

Then walked to Fairvilla (local large fancy dress store) to get final pieces for Masquerade March costume tomorrow. While in store, starts to rain really, really hard again.

Wait for it to stop and then walk to 801 bar for some drinks. When it's raining in Key West - drink, as I advise in this post. Really miserable day today (if warm) but I think we made the most of it!

Meal tonight is in best veggie in town: The Cafe on Southard Street.

More as it happens.

Check back soon.

source Key West vacation and visit guide