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Hong Kong (香港). A voyage to Hong Kong 2015, China, Asia.

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Where in the world can I make my dream, reality?

When someone asks me what my idea of a perfect evening is, my answer is: sitting directly on the beach, its a warm late afternoon or early evening, the sun is gently thinking about maybe setting sometime

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Oyster Festival, Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

shucked oyster bars
Oyster Festival Kuala Lumpur 2015

Words by Huong Tran 
Photos by Monica Tindal (Yum List)

When you mention oysters, the running joke always is “ha-ha it’s an aphrodisiac,” but to an oyster fanatic, “it’s like kissing the sea.” Many French poets have so beautifully described the taste and experience that I feel it’s my duty as a foodie to find out more.  

I have always liked oysters, and on those few occasions in the year when I’m lucky enough devour them, I find their silkiness and freshness perfect for our local KL weather. However, I am no oyster connoisseur or adept at distinguishing between a wild or native oyster let alone origin and taste, but luckily for me, the invitation from Monica to the 2015’s Oyster Festival has opened up doors to a greater and wider appreciation and understanding of oysters.

This year marks the first ever Malaysian Oyster Festival (25th October until 01 November) - organized and hosted by Southern Rock Seafood and its adjoining kitchen restaurant – a family run specialist fishmonger that has been consistently supplying premium oysters to KL’s top restaurants, hotels and loyal retail customers for the past six years. 

oyster festival
Southern Rock Seafood

I was fortunate to pick the brain of Melvin, the ops manager and Josh, one of the directors and founders - both die-hard oyster enthusiasts. They were full of answers to my questions, but had also prepared an educational tasting guide was very useful for reference. Just like white wine, there are characteristics with a number scale system to measure flavour, saltiness, sweetness and umami. How funny, “umami” is a Japanese word measuring the essence of deliciousness!

KL oyster festival
Oyster Tasting Guide

October was a great month to hold the festival, as it is the in-between month where you can enjoy both the northern (English, Irish, Scotland, Dutch, and French) and southern hemisphere oysters (Australian / NZ). So lucky for me - a whole plate full of 12 varieties!

southern rock seafood
Twelve Oyster Varieties

And this is perhaps the easiest way to taste and differentiate the many varieties - line them up in one go and eat them “naked.” That’s a term when you don’t put any toppings on your oyster – to really appreciate the honest flavour. Like wine or cheese, it’s really a personal preference. Yes, you certainly 100% can taste and feel the difference. Besides from the shell looking different or being different in size, it’s like perfume - each oyster variety has its own smell and very distinct taste and juice. That’s why the prices range too: from RM80 to RM168 for a dozen with the Irish oysters being the most expensive.

My favorite oyster is the Irish Tagheanna Bay Oyster. It’s simply velvety, creamy, and very umami – my new word for “very delicious”. Paired with a chilled Strongbow cider, it’s a wonderful match. 

southern rock seafood
Close Up on the Oysters

So in a two hour tasting session I’ve learnt an abundance of new facts. I can say it’s a little briny (aka salty), or try to describe the smell as sea-weedy or sandy shores. Then of course there’s the body and texture of the oyster (eg plump, firm, woody) and its finish and after taste. Never will I take an oyster for granted again!

To end the afternoon a friendly shuck-off competition was held where contestants shuck (oyster term to open the shell and detach the meat) 12 oysters and present it back on the iced plate in a pretty manner. The winner is based on fastest time and also quality of shuck. What skill precision and speed these shucklers work at! I am impressed and thankful that I order my oysters opened and ready to slurp. 

oyster competition
The Great Shuck Off!

But if you missed the Festival, it’s ok because drum rolls... This is just the soft launch for the big event which is to happen next April for the 2016 Malaysian Oyster Championship – so bookmark your calendars to watch some serious shuck-off and prepare for next year’s oyster tasting extravaganza. 

Today is the last day of this year’s oyster festival so head on over to one of the Shucked Oyster Bars or to Southern Rock Seafood to get your taste of the sea. 

Reasons to visit: perhaps the widest selection of oysters in the city, a chance to sample 12 different types of oysters and a handy guide to take you through the tasting of each one, and remember to bookmark April 2016 for the Grand Oyster Festival.

Souhern Rock Seafood
34 Jalan Kemuja
59000 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2856 2016

source: The Yum List

Genting's Mixologist Charles Muaya's Recipe for Eastern Wassail Punch

resort world genting
Eastern Wassail Punch

Recipe for Eastern Wassail Punch

A refreshing punch is a good way to start a party. Wassail is a deeply rooted tradition in the Midwest and a popular regional staple throughout the cold-weather season. Wassailing apple trees is a tradition in England involving chanting to the trees to encourage a bountiful harvest. The mixologist’s recipe is an Asian variation on this traditional theme.

Punch bowl (for eight cups)
Cups or Goblets
Cutting Board
Long Bar Spoon
A couple of saucer

Cranberry Juice                                               1 litre
Homemade Spice Syrup                                 150 ml
Lychees in Syrup                                            350 ml
Fresh Lime Juice                                             100 ml
Hazelnut Syrup                                               100 ml
Orange                                                                        1
Lemon                                                             1
Cinnamon Sticks                                             6 to 8
Star Anise                                                       6 to 8
Cloves                                                             18 to 20
Mint Sprigs                                                     8 to 10
Ice Block                                                         Large

1.         Combine all ingredients into large bowl and stir well
2.         Add large ice block
3.         When cold, serve in a cups garnished with mint sprig

genting resort world
Mixologist Charles Muaya

source: The Yum List

Treks and travels

Treks and travels

Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

Posted: 31 Oct 2015 08:53 AM PDT

October 2015

Uluwatu Temple is one of the nine directional temples in Bali. More than the temple, it is its location that attracts people. Situated at the edge of a cliff overlooking Indian ocean, it offers majestic views.

Visiting Temple in Bali requires you to wear "Sarong", the traditional dress. If you are visiting lot of temples, it is better to buy one rather than renting it at every temple. But in Uluwatu, Sarong rental was included in the ticket.

Many vista points are constructed to provide views of the temple.

The main issue in the temple are the monkeys. They not only snatch food items but also sun glasses and bags!! And you can get it back by trading with food!!!! They look scary and it is better to remain at a safe distance from them.

In Bali, people are allowed inside temple only for worshipping and not for general visit. Else, you can only see the temple from outside. 

Sunset at Legian beach, Bali

It is a nice place to visit during sunset. It can be combined with Kecak dance and visit to Jimbaran if you like seafood.


Enjoy the colours of the season.

source: Stavanger Daily Photo

this is belgium

this is belgium

Thomas Gunzig

Posted: 30 Oct 2015 06:52 AM PDT

Photo exhibit till November 15 in Les Halles St Géry, center of Brussels

Five Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur

Woo hoo the haze has lifted in Kuala Lumpur. Blue skies are visible and all is near good again. Here's our round up of places in which to enjoy this long missed fresh air and clear heavens in: The Best Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur.

(click on the title links for directions, menus and full details)

View Rooftop Bar

kuala lumpur roof bars
View Rooftop Bar

Mai Bar

best rooftop bars in kl
Mai Bar


Best Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur


Best Rooftop Bars in KL

Heli Lounge Bar

best rooftop bars in kl
Up the Stairs to Heli Lounge Bar

From which perch might you be celebrating blue skies again? 

Where to find these rooftop bars around Kuala Lumpur...

source: The Yum List

Interview with Aiden Lee, Lobbee Thai Connection, Empire Damansara

Empire Damansara
Aiden Lee, Lobbee Thai Connection

Interview with Aiden Lee, Lobbee Thai Connection, Empire Damansara

What do you do and how did you get into the industry?

I don’t have any F&B background as I was only a 9-5 worker bee (client account executive) in the logistics industry in Singapore. It's thanks to my brother Adrian, who invited me to venture alongside him in this start up that I'm here. I have the opportunity to startup a restaurant business while leaving my 9-5 office job behind. It’s a life changing milestone for me at the moment, and a chance to try something new. Now thinking back: a self-run career versus a job, which would I choose? Being my own boss definitely!

Share with us an interesting story from behind the scenes.

The most interesting story would be the research and development part. We love Tom Yum and had Thai food every day before our restaurant was launched in order to find the best version. You can’t imagine how excited we were when we found the best Tom Yum after trying tons of them. Once the Tom Yum hit the spot (our taste buds), we both shouted: “Ah-ha! this is it!!! This is what we shall focus on."

What's the best part of your job?

The best part of my job of course is to be able to bring in and popularize a variety of Thai cuisines from Bangkok to Malaysia. Seeing our customers enjoying themselves, some even licking their fingers, while having our Tom Yum Lobster Noodles excite us!

What's your favorite meal/ drink in Lobbee – Thai Connection?

Lobbee Iced Tea as it’s not an ordinary ice tea. The complexity of its flavors and the refreshing feelings it provides after having the spicy food quenches thirsts right away!

Fried Potato with Thai Salad Dressing – is a must try appetizer. Could you imagine fried potato strips paired with the Thai peanut salad sauce? The tanginess, the sweet and spicy aromas, ahhhh… I can’t describe anymore; it is too unique.

The perfect day off would be...

There are few parts to my ideal day off.
First is exercising in the morning and brainstorming crazy ideas for my career and business and reading articles and books to get inspiration. Also, if I could throw in a few more activities I like enjoying a cup of hand-brewed coffee while listening to jazz music - that really satisfies me too. It compensates for all the hard work I put in during the week.

A day in the life of a restauranteur is... 

A day being me?
I pay all the bills. I make sure that everything is taken care of, I run the operations, I make drinks, give change. I direct the business. I do a lot of different things, I wear a lot of different hats, whether it's between people who are not getting along, handling the money, making sure that things get paid, keeping things clean. Most importantly, being there!

What's something you'd like guests to know about Lobbee – Thai Connection?

We drain our brains to provide customers the most creative Thai food selection we can imagine. We try to cater to local taste buds while being creative in adding on some WOW elements to our food and drinks.

What's your view on the Kuala Lumpur food scene?

Creativity, creativity, creativity! The population in KL is getting more and more receptive towards creative food and menu selections. This might motivate more and more people to become restaurateurs, which is good news for the population as consumers would have more options. In no time, KL will be a famous foodie pilgrimage.

What's in store for you in the upcoming months?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we continually strive to bring you the best!

Have a look at some of the delicious dishes the boys at Lobbee Thai Connection are currently serving via this link.

source: The Yum List

Treks and travels

Treks and travels

Geger beach at Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Posted: 30 Oct 2015 09:30 AM PDT

October 2015

Nusa Dua is an upmarket area in Bali with great beaches and water sport activities. Our interest was to see beaches with blue waters and white sand. But most of the beaches are privately owned by resorts. Geger beach was one exception where visitors can enter by paying entry fee. Nusa Dua is about 30 minutes drive from Kuta in South Bali.

A nice beach very good for playing and swimming.

Out for a walk.

We were both out for a walk.

I have never seen a fluffy creature like this before.
What was it?

Someone told me that it is a caterpillar.....
Perhaps that is right?
Just a bit strange now when it is so cold.

Keep warm and enjoy the weekend!

source: Stavanger Daily Photo

General Impressions of Singapore

Green and modern city of the world, this is the ambition and brand Singapore would like to display. We confirm they have heavily invested in the Gardens by the Bay to achieve is goal. Other parts of the city are a collection of skyscrapers and dense population which are paralyzing the road infrastructure during peak hours. High taxes on cars and toll on road infrastructure is not yet bringing relief.

Singapore is a very expensive city and we limited our stay to the minimum. The most attractive buildings are or modern or historical. From the historical constructions we were impressed with Raffles Hotel, the Fullerton Hotel and temples. The modern buildings like the parliament, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the skyscrapers were more dominant.

Groene en moderne wereldstad, dit is de ambitie en uitstraling die Singapore wil verwerven. Met de enorme investeringen in de Gardens by the Bay, maken ze een stap in de goede richting. Het stadscentrum is echter een verzameling van wolkenkrabbers, uiterst dichtbevolkt wat de weginfrastructuur tijdens piekuren volledig verlamt. Hoge belasting op wagens en tol voor het gebruik van wegen brengt nog geen relaas. 

Singapore is een peperdure stad waardoor wij ons verblijf tot een minimum hebben beperkt. De meest aantrekkelijke gebouwen zijn ofwel modern of historisch. Van historische bouwwerken waren we het meest onder de indruk van het Raffles Hotel, het Fullerton Hotel en de tempels. Moderne gebouwen zoals het parlement, het Marina Bay Sands Hotel en de wolkenkrabbers waren dominanter aanwezig. 
Singapore skyline

Singapore Parliament

Singapore modern district

Singapore pilar

Singapore general

Singapore suburbs

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Singapore Bay area Merlion

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Beary Best Hostel Singapore

Singapore colonial tower

Singapore Modern buildings

Singapore Modern buildings

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Previous General Impressions article: Portuguese architecture of Phuket Town

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Open Trip Raja Ampat 25-27 Desember 2015

PAKET RAJA AMPAT PIANEMO 3H2M Peserta 10 orang Idr. 5.985.000/orang Sudah termasuk : # Antar jemput Airport-Pelabuhan # Transport kapal penyebrangan Pelabuhan - Waisai # Speedboat selama 3 hari # Homestay

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Hotels in the Greece

When you want to choose Greece for your summer holiday it is worth looking for more closely. This hotel or an island are really so beautiful ? or this is just Photoshop ?. For advertising everything looks

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Meetings & Events at 3 Star Hotel in Lucknow - Function INN Hotel

Function INN Hotel is one of the well-known hotel in Lucknow for organizing business events, conference, meetings and private ceremonies. It is centrally located, being 6 km. from the Lucknow railway station

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Bar-A-Thym, Casual French Restaurant, Singapore


Looks like Susie, BARBIE & KEN have parked up in Kirkegaten. (Church Rd.)

source: Stavanger Daily Photo

this is belgium

this is belgium

Autumn photographers Bois de la Cambre/Terkamerenbos Brussels

Posted: 28 Oct 2015 09:47 AM PDT