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1 week mother-son trip in August. Where?

I am planning a 1-week mother-son trip (tween son) in the first week of August and struggling to decide on a destination. Our budget for the trip, flights included, is about $3500 and we will be flying

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Sunglasses or a new designer bag perhaps?

If YOU are going to the AIRPORT and are travelling abroad this morning, you might be the lucky one to get a good deal on tax free  sunglasses or a new designer bag? The GRAND OPENING of the NEW SHOP is either 10 or 10.30 this morning.

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Honeymoon help Seattle to San Diago

Well be going on a 14 day trip in Oct, but nothing booked yet.. we may add a day or two but have started a short list of things we were looking at seeing. Has anyone done this trip and have any advice for

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What do you argue with your spouse/so about?

I am asking because in Gruezi's ( meant to be funny) thread there is mention of arguing about painting the house. We don't argue about painting the house or other work done to it. If one of us thinks it

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Nova Scotia and PEI

My wife and I are looking into a summer trip to Nova Scotia and PEI. We are planning on flying into and out of Halifax. We were thinking of renting a car for 12 days of travel to take in the sights of Nova

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Treks and travels

Treks and travels

Exorbitant camera charges at Ranganathittu

Posted: 30 Jan 2016 10:02 PM PST

During my recent visit to Ranganathittu, I was shocked at the camera charges. While the authorities in general allowed visitors to take camera for free, people with SLR cameras and lens greater than 500 mm had to pay Rs 500.

This led me to think about the rationale of charging cameras.

I haven't seen separate charges for cameras in developed world. Once the entry charges are paid, tourists are free to take photographs at their will. There are restrictions on using flash and tripods at certain locations but that is mainly to preserve the place. Restrictions are also in place for many sensitive locations which is understandable. But the story in India is different. From long time there are separate fees for using cameras at tourist places. It may be because the authorities considered that only rich people use cameras and they wanted a share of it. Video cameras (Handycams) were considered even more luxury items and charged 10-20 times more than still cameras.

The recent technological advances in mobile phones made this concept redundant. As more and more people started having smart phones, the need for a separate still and video camera reduced and Government earned less money. But then a new breed of people started coming in. The SLR camera became digital resulting in affordable photography. The professional DLSR and lens are still out of reach for many people but the price of amateur DSLR and lens are reduced. This led to people taking out their possessions and flooding many places especially forest reserves.

And then the separate charges for SLR cameras were introduced.

I looked for information behind the motive of this system but could get only limited insight from the link here.

The Government people have a perception that people will big camera and money earn money by taking photos at "their" forests and wanted a share of it. Try an experiment. Just take a photo of a bird or a tiger and try to sell it. No one buys them. One can earn his living by wedding, portrait and fashion photography but not from wildlife. All people I know earn money by associated business. Majority of people take photographs for the sheer fun of it and the joy it brings during the process of photography. But even if we consider that people earns money by photography, why should forest department charge fees for it? People would also write about their trip experience in papers and earn money or conduct commercial trips based on their experience. Can one charge for all those things? It is absurd and there is no end to the madness. Also, people have paid taxes when they have purchased cameras and manufacturer also paid taxes to government during the process. And if one earns by photograph he pays income tax for it (considering it is done legally).

Coming to Ranganathittu charges, the logic of 500mm look hilarious. If they are looking to charge rich people they should understand that one can get an average performing 150-600 lens for Rs 70,000 but a professional 400mm F2.8 Nikon lens cost more than ten lakhs!! The former has to shell out 500 rupees to take his camera in while it is free for the later!!

But I agree that if one starts demanding extra resources like a separate Jeep or boat to suit his needs or to regulate people (Movie, serial shooting) then there is no harm in charging extra.

Let me know your opinion about the same.

Hill stations near delhi

Delhi, the capital state of India, although being a remarkable tourist destination, is sadly one of the busiest cities in the country. Most of the people, who live in or nearby the country’s capital,

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this is belgium

this is belgium

Brafa art fair in Brussels (1) Tintin for sale

Posted: 30 Jan 2016 11:00 AM PST

Brussels ' prestigious art and antique fair is running till tomorrow; here's your chance to acquire this bronze statue of Tintin and Snowy aka Kuifje en Bobbie or Tintin et Milou, made by sculptor Nat Neujean 

An upmarket birdhouse.

An upmarket birdhouse:-)
The best I have seen for a long time!

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Markthal of Rotterdam, world class modern architecture

The city of Rotterdam is the high rise capital of The Netherlands and keeps on investing to put its stamp on the world tourist map. In 2015, it was recognised as one of the most attractive cities in Europe. One of the latest architectural art pieces is the "Markthal" or market hall, an investment of almost 200 million euro.

The modern Markthal has been built in a U-shape form. On the side and top of the U-shape they created apartments. People who live here have a window inside their apartment looking down on the market.

Inside the markhal, looking up to the ceiling you see these windows but more importantly, you are flabbergasted by the enormous colorful paintings of fruit, vegetables and fish. Looking down you see the rolling staircases and back to the exit, a glass wall, intensifying the views of modern Rotterdam.

In the Markthal you can buy quality products: meat, nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, Dutch syrup waffles, donuts, chocolate, herbs and spices. The most interesting experience is that some of the merchants also have a roof terrace where you can taste dishes with their ingredients. We tried some Pinchos with wine and the girls loved it. Cheers.

De stad Rotterdam is de wolkenkrabber hoofdstad van Nederland en blijft investeren om zijn plaats in te nemen tussen de meest toeristische steden ter wereld. In 2015 werd de stad erkend als één van de top Europese bestemmingen voor citytrips. Eén van de nieuwste gebouwen is de Markthal, een investering van bijna 200 miljoen euro.

De moderne markthal werd gebouwd in een U-vorm, waarbij de zijden en de bovenkant een aaneenschakeling van appartementen zijn. Mensen die hier wonen hebben een venster dat neerwaarts in de markthal kijkt.

Als je binnen in de markthal naar het plafond kijkt zie je deze ramen, maar veel belangrijker, je wordt weggeblazen door de enorme gekleurde schilderwerken van fruit, groeten en vis. Naar beneden kijkende zie je een veelvoud van roltrappen en de uitgang is één grote glazen wand die het zicht op andere gebouwen van Rotterdam nog intensiever maakt.

Je kan er allerlei kwaliteitsproducten kopen: vlees, noten, fruit, groenten, vis, kaas, stroopwafels, donuts, chocolade, kruiden en specerijen. De meest interessante ervaring is dat sommige handelaren ook een dakterras hebben waar je gerechten kan proeven gemaakt met hun ingrediënten. Wij probeerden enkele Pinchos met wijn en de meisjes waren heel tevreden. Proost. 
Markthal Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam apartments

Markthal Rotterdam glass wall

Markthal Rotterdam painted ceiling

Markthal Rotterdam mosaic

Markthal Rotterdam top

Markthal Rotterdam great

Markthal Rotterdam tower

Markthal Rotterdam terrace

Markthal Rotterdam pinchos

Markthal Rotterdam Kristel Kim

Markthal Rotterdam Pinchos

Markthal Rotterdam cheese

Markthal Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam staircases

Markthal Rotterdam cooking

Markthal Rotterdam donuts

Markthal Rotterdam sausige

Markthal Rotterdam tropical fruit

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Need Advice about Ticket Price Drop

The price I paid for 2 tickets from Honolulu to San Diego have dropped by almost $300 each. Since they are the 2nd part of a round trip, Alaska told me I'm not eligible for a refund for the price difference.

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