My ex-college and friend invited me on a trip to the valley OLTEDAL, less than an hours drive from Stavanger.
Do you see the "HOLLYWOOD sign" up in the mountains she asked, and pointed out of the car window.... And yes, there was a feeling of being in America when I saw the sign with the name Oltedal up there :)

We went to LAFTHUSET , a cosy place where they are selling all you need for hand knitting, and also machine knitted garments, from the local factory.


Lafthuset is on fb.

Friendly and helpful people working there.

It is also a place where you can have something to eat, and I noticed that they had quite a lot of things that would have been perfect as gifts, including some very good bargains up on the first floor.

They have some guided group tours coming in , tourists from cruise ships etc. But mainly customers from the nearby area, and if you live in Norway they send off things you can order.

France, Sweden and Denmark have agents who work for them too.

My friend told me that she had been there on knitting events in the evenings, and lots of people had  turned up from much further away than Stavanger.

It is OPEN every day!

Here you see HEGE and MARIANNE holding a jumper with a Setesdal design.
It is produced in Oltedal and has a typical Norwegian style.

This is A GIVEAWAY that you can win!

The only thing you have to do is to leave at least one comment over the next 7 days, and finish with (Y) -(so I can see YES, then I know that you want to take part in the draw next Saturday.)

The "Giveaway" is the beautiful, nice and warm wool sweater shown in the picture. (The size is Large.)

You will find FREE KNITTING PATTERNS in English, Swedish and Danish (up to pattern number 1504), on their web page.
If you go for instance to number 1404, you can download and find the same pattern that is on the sweater.

source: Stavanger Daily Photo http://ift.tt/1pRGEh8