I just met this couple Sigrid and Bernt from the Netherlands.

Well, Bernt's father came from Norway.
So my question was of course: Do you speak Norwegian?
No, he said.... only "stiv kuling" (Gale, in English :-)
They have had plenty of wind, and last night, thunder and lightening and plenty of rain too.
Today turned out to be ok with sunshine and temperatures up to +18 C
They had visited Flor & Fjære and were impressed about that!
Food prices (and going out for a meal) was extremely expensive they said.
I think they are not alone with that experience.

The lucky couple will be on holiday until the end of September.

I wished them a good and safe journey.
Next stop might be Oslo?
Have fun!

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

source: Stavanger Daily Photo